Black Bucks..are..Just UNIQUE

Black Bucks deers 🦌are the Most beautiful among Animal Kingdom and they are most commonly found in abundance in the open fields at Buxar a district of Bihar (India).


Click of Black Buck in pose….from Buxar in Bihar India.



My exposure to BlackBuck deers was just unique an experience because of my posting in the District of Buxar in Bihar the state of India.I still remember…


It was in August 2010 when I landed at Buxar on My new assignment being promoted to the post of Chief Lead District Manager. I being a nature lover and photographer was extremely happy to see that there were plenty of blackBuck deers and Blue Bulls in Open fields there and it was amazing to see them play and graze around in open paddy fields during my extensive tours in the district.


Mostly Buxar is gangetic plane area on the bank of river Ganga and foods like Paddy,wheat and other grains ,millets and mustard are main cultivated crops.Apart from it,a lot of vegetables are being cultivated there too.


It was really amazing to see hundreds of BlackBuck deers both male and female roaming here and there in the field grazing grasses and sometimes destroying crops .


They mostly remain aloof from local villagers but since they are so plenty in numbers,during my 4 long years of stay ,I was lucky to spot the amazing creature at least more than a hundred times…


Watching a fight was a rare occasion but I was lucky 🍀 to click this Unique event.Thanks to the people of Bihar that such beautiful animal feel free to roam and graze in open almost without any threat to their lives.


I will pray…


Let’s live and let live these beautiful creations of God.


I am personally thankful to the than DM of Buxar Sri Vinod Singh Gunjiyal for his inspirations .





BISON….Wild life Photography

The Gigantic Bisons (Gaur) are always a favourite subject of my photography in wildlife trips.


That was in the year Jan 2015 and we were inside Betla National Forests in Palamu district(Jharkhand) during an early morning “Jungle safari”. As we were advancing in to the deep forests suddenly came across a herd of these Macho Bisons ( Indian Gaur) and they were very much playful with their calves in a large number.We stopped our Jeep to have a look and I could manage some awesome shots with my Nikon D5300 Camera .

I have a feelings that “Almost all wild animals are super cool & unless they feel any threat to their life they wont attack.

I was lucky these two Duo posed for me.

Dedicated to all who love Nature  & wild life photography.



Bird Photography#4

C U C K O O…….Photography

The Cuckoo : 

It’s a female Cuckoo I clicked on my backyard and it was followed by a male Cuckoo so I could reach so near to it.

This was the male Cuckoo in mating mood chasing after the female one.

The same female Cuckoo in a different pose….

All birds are beautiful winged ones from our #FaunaKingdom.

*Let’s try to save all birds….else one day spotting a Cuckoo will be just a day dream*




Wildlife Photography 🐾



~Wildlife Photography is a vast subject~


Spotted deers at Betla Wild life in district Palamu Jharkhand India
Royal Bengal Tiger @Oromanjhi National Park


Macho Bison encountered @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand

It is a really vivid subject.I was very much keen to take shots of Wild Animals and Birds in their natural captivity since I was too young . I strongly believe that whatever we wish from from core of our heart God is always there to fulfill our wishes.

Spotted deer 🦌 @Betla National Park

I once again thank my luck in my professional career,by virtue of which, I could get many chances to see varieties Of Wildlife Sanctiaries across India.

Spotting an Indian Gaur in such a Pose , as if giving Portrait shot 😜@Betla Tiger 🐯 Reserve Forest 🌳
Fighting Blackbucks a rare shot@Buxar in Bihar
Bisons in pose shot taken @Betla National Forest in Jhatkhand
Fighting Bison @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand
(ROYAL STAG) The Golden Spotted Deer(male) @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand
Wild Elephant crossing the road well protecting a small baby @Chilapata Forest Range in West Bengal


A herd of Nilgai (Blue Bull) near Buxar resting under a tree during Tough Summer days.

These clicks, I have compiled from my shots taken during my postings at Siliguri in West Bangal, Buxar in Bihar,Daltonganj & Ranchi  in Jharkhand ,Bhitarakanika & Kuldiha in Odishamany more places I have visited as a tourist with my I wife and her Brother.

Royal Stag @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand

My Wife and her Brother are always my co-travellers as well my inspiration for which I am quite thankful to both of them for giving me a meaningful company in all my “Wildlife Photography Trips”.

A Giant Nilgai on the open field @Buxar in Bihar
Baby Monkey in pose @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand
Golden spotted deer @Sunderbans Forest West Bengal
A herd of Nilgai( Blue Bull) resting in open field @Buxar in Bihar
Golden Spotted Deer @Kuldiha Forest in Odisha
Clicked this shot of Robin @Betla Tiger Reserve Forest 🌳
Getting a glimpse of Spotted Deers 🦌duo is a rare shot in such a Pose @Betla Tiger 🐯 Reserve Forest 🌳

I dedicate all my photographs to Wildlife photographers(amateurs as well as professionals) across The Globe.

I am quite sure each and every photographs will leave behind a story…


~My journey🚶🏽from “Photography” 2 “Blogging”~ 

My journey of photography started when I was too young to hold a camera 📷 Even . I still remember my first camera  was an #Agfa #Isoly2 which I took in my school days in 1970’s.

Abstract Photography
Indian National Bird
Giant squirrel @Kuldiha Forests Odisha
Boat on River
Scenic Hills @Tawang
Tawang-where sky meets the land
The Harvest
Herd of Nilgai @ Buxar
Boats on a row @Ganga River Buxar
Mother’s Care
It was the roaring 70’s  with that tiny machine in my hand,I was considered popular among my circle of friends.

In 1981,I got a Germany make #Voiglander camera as a gift from my Bro in law .I was extremely happy to click with that camera and it was quite handy and a heavy one though small .
In college days,I was quite popular among friend circle as a click master . I got another #Minolta camera and results were excellent never hesitate to try my hands on big and heavy Video cameras of Sony make.In 1986 or so, I got My first SLR #Practika as a gift from my same bro in law as a gift who got it for me from Holland and those days no DSLR were there.That was an awesome SLR with a telephoto lens & a telezoom flash.

I bought my first DSLR Nikon D3200 in 2012, and it was an awesome experience with 18-105 Nikor lens . With that,I got great wide angle nature shots in particular .Again I got a DSLR Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm & 70-300mm Nikor lens.Really amazing shots I could get with a Nikor 70-300mm lens and the journey is still be honest just got a new Tokina 11-20mm Japan lens very recently and every one says its just awesome hardy lens for wide angle Landscape Photography.

My shots are dedicated to all Amateur Photographers across the globe .

Bison the Macho
The Strings
River View@ Sundarban Delta
Bangles of Lac being hand made and show cased @Ranchi
indian Koel(Female)
Mistery Look
Beautiful Silk Route
Basically being a Banker by profession and holding a responsible post of Asst General Manager to be honest I was not getting enough time to go for new clicks from nature or wildlife.An idea clicked in my mind why not to start Blogging on my own clicks instead…..

I Dedicated my first Blog to all Photographers….




*Nilgai* the *Blue Bull*      ~Wildlife Special~


*Wild life Photography*


Here I am sharing a picture of Nilgai (Blue Bull)clicked at Buxar in Bihar which I will always say it will remain in my memory as I am sure whether I will ever get a second chance to roam on the vast fields of Buxar ever.

I feel myself so lucky and I am truely thankful to Almighty for giving me many chances to explore nature and it’s beautiful creations.


“Let’s save each and every creations whether flora or fauna…they are just UNIQUE to OUR PLANET EARTH 🌏 only”.

#clicksbysiba #natgeo #wwf #saveanimals




Lion is the King a shot clicked at Oromanjhi Bilogical garden in Ranchi (Jharkhand)IndiaBeautiful bird…..

Fighting Bisons clicked at Betla National ParkThe Golden spotted deers…an early morning shot from Betla National Forests.Blue cow(Nil gai) a click from Buxar in Bihar.Monkey mother with a baby on her lap.Royal Stag in a beautiful pose against a tree-Perfect camouflage.Three Black Bucks in a row.Clicked at Buxar in Bihar.Monkies are always an inspiration for community living.

The Macho gigantic Bison clicked at Betla National Forest.



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Thats why we both came out with a “joint venture” and named our new Blog site as…

I am with “Ranjeeta Nath Ghai” a published author and a blogger . I am very much sure it will take you to #NextGenBlogging & to make your Weekends more meaningful.

Thanks & Namaskar 🙏 



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Here is a good news as we have come up with a new idea to enjoy Weekends in a more creative way……


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Thanks & Namaskar 🙏 



It reminds me of my *Sunderban Trip*of 2015 and i will say it was one of the best ~Nature Retreat Trip~ i have ever had with two nights on islands and three days spent almost on water roaming from one island to another.

Dedicated to all *Nature Lovers*

That was in October 2015 and my long cherished dream of visiting “Sunderbans”came to happen ultimately.

We reached Canning from Kolkata by hired vehicle after travelling for say 60 to 65 km only & from there our Tour operator took charge of us.We were altogether 6 adults and a kid.
It was a package 📦 tour and all the meals during the voyage and night stay at different islands 🌴  were including food 🥘 and accommodations.

It was a real delight to watch passing by boat/ship from a distance with limitless water behind.For non-vegetarians it was a real delight with local fish 🐟 fries served with sauce and different veg varieties were served too on board. 

The first day was spent on the boat well equipped with minimum required amenities watching the Sundarban delta from one island to other and at the evening we took rest at “Pakhiara islands.

The stay and fooding in the Island Resort at Pakhiara was equally palatable with some musical programme by localities showing their “cultural heritage” based around life in Sundarban islands and their constant fear of “Royal Bengal tigers”for which… 

“Sundarbans is most famous World wide”

Watching birds 🐦 like Egrets and so many other varieties against lash green background is a memory for ever.On the 2nd day after breakfast 🍳 at the resort we were taken by Steamer Boat 🚢 to some different islands mostly famous for sighting “Royal Bengal Tigers 🐯”.

Getting a glimpse of these rare Tigers was a matter of chance which we were not lucky enough.

“Red crabs 🦀” on the marshy water were so rare to be seen in most other places but it was a possibility there.

It’s really Rarest of rare….”Yello crab 🦀 with Red crab” Combo.

Every turn and twist were so scenic that i couldn’t stop myself but clicked few awesome shots.

Ships of “Bangladesh crossing International water body-really rare scenic view.

The entire journey , the food , and scenic Marshy land was a real memory to cherish.On 2nd evening some “Typical Tribal Dance” was performed by the localites.

Blue crabs 🦀 to be honest I never had encountered before in my life(Shiny Fluoroscent Blue).

Getting a glimpse of Golden Spotted deer 🦌 from steamer really made our day.

Their main mode of transport from one island to another is only boats.

Though Black drongo I had seen before many a times in our plane lands but these “species of Drongos” were unique to Sundarban’s.
Mudskipper of giant sizes a real beauty in their natural habitat(Mangroove forest)


“Water monitor Lizards 🦎” though not so easy to get a in most other places but it was a real memory watching a Luzards  coming out from bushes and crossing the water.

It was a trip of “2 nights and 3 days” rich with “scenic Sundarbans” with it’s unique curves full of “Fauna & Flora” just unique to this “geographical location”.

 How to reach Sunderbans:

These days every form of informations related to Sundarban trips is well available on internet and there are a very good number of private Tour operators apart from Govt of West Bengal Tourism dept.Kolkata being a Metro city is well connected from most parts of the world.

 Dedicated to All Nature Lovers and Ohotographers World 🌎 wide.Please like share and comment and thanks for stopping by.

Author: CreativeSiba

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