Photography is Creativity…. Photography itself is a Romance

I love ❤️ cup ☕️ shots…..

Sometimes I experiment with taking shots of Tea Cups during my morning tea ☕️ with wife.

Tea ☕️ served in glasses make the taste and feel of a traditional road-side tea from stalls.

That was a Sunday lazy morning & I tried this shot from the top with news paper 📝 beneath.

It's different again with the cup ☕️ & news paper on mat.

Any object can be a subject of photography provided one can visualise the out come.

I call these shots as Abstract Photography & I dedicate all these shots to my Amateur Photographer Blogger friends.

Photography is pure Creativity

Photography is itself a Romance

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~My journey🚶🏽from “Photography” 2 “Blogging”~ 

My journey of photography started when I was too young to hold a camera 📷 Even . I still remember my first camera  was an #Agfa #Isoly2 which I took in my school days in 1970’s.

Abstract Photography
Indian National Bird
Giant squirrel @Kuldiha Forests Odisha
Boat on River
Scenic Hills @Tawang
Tawang-where sky meets the land
The Harvest
Herd of Nilgai @ Buxar
Boats on a row @Ganga River Buxar
Mother’s Care
It was the roaring 70’s  with that tiny machine in my hand,I was considered popular among my circle of friends.

In 1981,I got a Germany make #Voiglander camera as a gift from my Bro in law .I was extremely happy to click with that camera and it was quite handy and a heavy one though small .
In college days,I was quite popular among friend circle as a click master . I got another #Minolta camera and results were excellent never hesitate to try my hands on big and heavy Video cameras of Sony make.In 1986 or so, I got My first SLR #Practika as a gift from my same bro in law as a gift who got it for me from Holland and those days no DSLR were there.That was an awesome SLR with a telephoto lens & a telezoom flash.

I bought my first DSLR Nikon D3200 in 2012, and it was an awesome experience with 18-105 Nikor lens . With that,I got great wide angle nature shots in particular .Again I got a DSLR Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm & 70-300mm Nikor lens.Really amazing shots I could get with a Nikor 70-300mm lens and the journey is still be honest just got a new Tokina 11-20mm Japan lens very recently and every one says its just awesome hardy lens for wide angle Landscape Photography.

My shots are dedicated to all Amateur Photographers across the globe .

Bison the Macho
The Strings
River View@ Sundarban Delta
Bangles of Lac being hand made and show cased @Ranchi
indian Koel(Female)
Mistery Look
Beautiful Silk Route
Basically being a Banker by profession and holding a responsible post of Asst General Manager to be honest I was not getting enough time to go for new clicks from nature or wildlife.An idea clicked in my mind why not to start Blogging on my own clicks instead…..

I Dedicated my first Blog to all Photographers….




~The Chandelier~

“The Chandelier”

To begin with….

By virtue of my stay at Ranchi the capital Jharkhand state of India , during several of my visits in connection with my official tours i got a chance to stay in such a beautiful hotel,I remember the exact name was“Yellow Tree Boutique”.

It was truely exotic with each and every decorative items inside the lobby and suites were not only soothing to the eyes but were true state_of_the_art architectural master piece.

It’s a click of the chandelier hanging from roof top that made me feel like click a shot…

I was not knowing i will ever write a story on it.



 ~~~~~~F R I E N D S  &  B L O G G E R S~~~~~

    Let’s spice up Blogging with #FunFunda


Thats why we both came out with a “joint venture” and named our new Blog site as…

I am with “Ranjeeta Nath Ghai” a published author and a blogger . I am very much sure it will take you to #NextGenBlogging & to make your Weekends more meaningful.

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Here is a good news as we have come up with a new idea to enjoy Weekends in a more creative way……


It’s a New joint venture with  Ranjeeta Nath Ghai a Published author and a blogger and me CreativeSiba and I am sure it will take you to #NextGenBlogging.

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Strings 🎸

Fusion Photography i will better name it…To click differently is Abstract Photography .

Strings….it’s different

Nice to see a Lady with Guiter in her hands…

It’s Photographer’s passion but viewer’s choice to understand the theme/story behind the photography.

Guiter the best as Abstract Pic


Camera:Nikon D5300

International Photography Exhibition~a Journy

That was in the month of Jan 2017 and I got a call from one of my friends a Bengali gentleman from kolkata Mr Amitabha Mukherjee to share best of my clicks for an “International Photography Exhibition” scheduled to be held in Mar2017.

I was not sure of such things but any how I shared few shots just casually over email to “Calcutta Journalist Club“.I was really surprised to get a call on a fine morning in March that one of my clicks I shared have been selected for the Exhibition to displayed from 17.03.2017 to 19.03.2017.To be honest my first experience of my picture being displayed in an international photo forum.

On the D day me along with my wife reached the venue”Indian Council for Cultural Relations(ICCR) Nandalal Bose Gallery Kolkata.

The moment was so precious for me as a photographer.

It was being inaugurated by Bali MLA M/S Baishali Dalmia with lighting of lamp along with Bhaja Govinda Choudhury the renowned Photographer and Prantik Ghosh president on Calcutta Journalist Club.

This is the photograph taken by me as selected and displayed in the Exhibition.

Some beautiful clicks in display watched by my wife.

Really it was a different experience to watch different exhibits of creative photographers .Most of the shots displayed in the gallery were just priceless creations.

Black and white gallery was equally awesome and a whole section was devoted to B/W photographs.

To be honest i gathered a lot of new techniques how to create photo moods and it opened my eyes…

The gallery was full of photo frames and a good number of photographers and photography lovers visited the venue.

There wereworkshops organised by calcutta journalist Club”with renowned photographer’s and it was helpful for many budding young photographers.

Taking selfies was a fashion there before the displayed photographs of famous photographers.

On the inaugural day before the limelight with many press people behind is a memory.

I was no exception…Clicked a selfie 🤳 with wife and its a Memory for me in my Photojourney.

Some tremendous works in display.

The picture in the inset an old lady from Tawang in traditional Arunachal costume that was displayed in the Exhibition.

With wife and other close friends( Jaiswal ji , Anand ji & Aheri das ) who joined us on the “inaugural day”.

About 1500 photographs were sent for pre selection and out of that only 425 pictures were finally selected by the Jury members for the display.

It was a memory I would love to cherish in my life as a first time exposure to such beautiful clicks by renowned photographers .

My special thanks to Amitabha Mukherjee who invited me to take part in the contest, Mr Prantik Ghosh President of “CALCUTTA JOURNALIST CLUB” &  Prolay da.

Author : Siba

Abstract Photography#2 🕶


keep on nourishing that kid…

Owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy…Every photographer is proud of his/her abstract photography but always it’s a viewer’s choice..

Photography courtesy- Sibananda Bhanja
Photography courtesy- Sibananda Bhanja
Photography courtesy- Sibananda Bhanja
Photography courtesy- Sibananda Bhanja
Photography courtesy- Sibananda Bhanja
Photography courtesy- Sibananda Bhanja
These are some of my clicks , taken over years in different locations on the subject.
Hope my viewers will give their invaluable comments and follow my blog .

Author : Sibananda Bhanja

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