Landscape Photography Rural India

Gone are those Traditional Farming days

I remember my own childhood when Paddy used to be harvested in Dec-jan and used to be transported from field to the Farmyard almost every farmer used to have.I was in Ranchi in Jharkhand and during a morning return trip from Jamshedpur I clicked this shot of Bullock-cart loaded with Paddy against Green back ground.

Dedicated to all Landscape Photographers.


Landscape Photography Patratu Dam

•••Patratu Dam•••

I have always found Nature & Landscapes a best combination for Photography.

Those days I was posted at Ranchi in Jharkhand(India) a state rich with it’s Natural Heritage and Virgin Natural beauty.

I always enjoyed my weekends with wife on photo-rides of course on my Bullet & thank God she loves Nature the same way as I.It’s a click from Patratu Dam near Ranchi.


Landscape Photography…Hills of Tawang

Beauty of Hills makes me spell-bound.

Beauty is always in the eye’s of the beholder.Hills are always my favorite destination irrespective of season because Hill stations in different season has it’s own glamour with greenery around.
Its a click from Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh a destination on the North-East of India 🇮🇳.People with adventurous mindset always prefer this place and the unique beauty they enjoy while travelling by road from Gauwahati the capital of Assam to Tawang a distance of around 400 kms.
I dedicate this shot to all Landscape Photographers and lovers of Nature.


Street Photography….The Hawker

"Street Photography….The Hawker"

They are the one who have a right to LIVE a DECENT life…

They choose the most busy places and streets are their domain where they get their major chunk of clienteles  to sell off the items they carry to earn a handsome amount for a living.

Every day is a New Day with Newer Challenges.

As a street photographer I always care to take a glimpse of such sights to work on my projects.I took this shot at Puri sea beach in Odisha during my visit in 2015.This man was carrying a lot of colorful hand bags with a smiley face to pamper buyers.

I respect every such work which we as humans carry out for living a decent life .

I have every respect for these Hawkers who roam around cities streets and places of crowd across the world 🌎for a living.

"They have a right to living"



I have a reason to say….You still have your childhood memories in your back ground.

I am sure you had a Childhood "Full of JOY" and you still have a memory of it which I wish to freshen you up only.

Do you still remember your own child hood days of playing on sands on beaches during weekends/holidaying?

If not…..I am here to take you back to the track where there is MEMORY of JOY & JOY only.

Many a times when I am on beaches along with my DSLR Nikon(D5300) in my hand such scenes of boys/girls playing un-mindfully on sands keep me attracted for capturing the right moment to think deeper and deeper ….back in to my own childhood days.

It's a click I took at Puri Sea beach…a boy building castles with National Flag of India hoisted on It.

I dedicate my shot to upcoming Indian Independence day 15th of Aug.



Black Bucks..are..Just UNIQUE

Black Bucks deers 🦌are the Most beautiful among Animal Kingdom and they are most commonly found in abundance in the open fields at Buxar a district of Bihar (India).


Click of Black Buck in pose….from Buxar in Bihar India.



My exposure to BlackBuck deers was just unique an experience because of my posting in the District of Buxar in Bihar the state of India.I still remember…


It was in August 2010 when I landed at Buxar on My new assignment being promoted to the post of Chief Lead District Manager. I being a nature lover and photographer was extremely happy to see that there were plenty of blackBuck deers and Blue Bulls in Open fields there and it was amazing to see them play and graze around in open paddy fields during my extensive tours in the district.


Mostly Buxar is gangetic plane area on the bank of river Ganga and foods like Paddy,wheat and other grains ,millets and mustard are main cultivated crops.Apart from it,a lot of vegetables are being cultivated there too.


It was really amazing to see hundreds of BlackBuck deers both male and female roaming here and there in the field grazing grasses and sometimes destroying crops .


They mostly remain aloof from local villagers but since they are so plenty in numbers,during my 4 long years of stay ,I was lucky to spot the amazing creature at least more than a hundred times…


Watching a fight was a rare occasion but I was lucky 🍀 to click this Unique event.Thanks to the people of Bihar that such beautiful animal feel free to roam and graze in open almost without any threat to their lives.


I will pray…


Let’s live and let live these beautiful creations of God.


I am personally thankful to the than DM of Buxar Sri Vinod Singh Gunjiyal for his inspirations .





BISON….Wild life Photography

The Gigantic Bisons (Gaur) are always a favourite subject of my photography in wildlife trips.


That was in the year Jan 2015 and we were inside Betla National Forests in Palamu district(Jharkhand) during an early morning “Jungle safari”. As we were advancing in to the deep forests suddenly came across a herd of these Macho Bisons ( Indian Gaur) and they were very much playful with their calves in a large number.We stopped our Jeep to have a look and I could manage some awesome shots with my Nikon D5300 Camera .

I have a feelings that “Almost all wild animals are super cool & unless they feel any threat to their life they wont attack.

I was lucky these two Duo posed for me.

Dedicated to all who love Nature  & wild life photography.



Beach Shots in Pencil Sketch…unplugged

My All time favourite Beach shots I tried with Pencil ✏️ sketch……

It's Puri sea beach on the Bay-of-Bengal in Odisha an unique deep sea with food 🥘 & fun on the cards.

It's Chandipur-on-sea in district Balasore(Odisha) an unique beach on the same Bay-of-Bengal in Odisha & it's uniqueness is it's low-tide mode allures tourists to go deep in to sea with just knee deep water.

Another beach on the Bay-of-Bengal is Dagra Beach and I always feel its a real virgin beach with tranquility and calmness all around.But it's a deep sea zone.

All these are real shots I have taken on different occasions and converted in tonpencil sketch to give a different 👀look.

I dedicate all these photos to "Landscape/Beach photography lovers".

Thanks for stopping by…