Landscape Photography…Sunset shot

Sunset Photography/Landscape Photography

Sometimes a right click at the right moment makes a shot memorable.

It was evening time at Eco-Park in Kolkata and I was there with my wife for some moments together & took a number of shots of Nature in Many Moods.

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Short Story~I can touch your “Soul”

Yes….I can touch your Soul

She asked “Is it possible ?”

It was his instant answer “why not?”

That was a late summer afternoon and both were sitting in a lazy mood with black tea on their hands on the roof-top.The way the sky was decorated with clouds all around fascinated him to click this beautiful shot.

Now after seeing his snap of clouds in a dancing spree she could conclude……

“yes his clicks could touch her Soul”.

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Fallen in love 😍 with Nature

You need’t be a Poet to write down few lines on this shot I am quite sure….The grace of Nature in every season has a different scene in store to show-off.You just need a vision to look 👀 around and feel the grace of God in His each & every creations.I would love ❤️ my viewers to go into depth of their perception and come out with best words like bids of a pearl necklace.

Dedicated to all nature lovers and beauty admirers on this beautiful planet 🌎.

I was hearing some wonderful tracks with my ear-phone on roof-top and suddenly this scenic view arouse my desire to clik this unique skyshot.

Thank you


~My journey🚶🏽from “Photography” 2 “Blogging”~ 

My journey of photography started when I was too young to hold a camera 📷 Even . I still remember my first camera  was an #Agfa #Isoly2 which I took in my school days in 1970’s.

Abstract Photography
Indian National Bird
Giant squirrel @Kuldiha Forests Odisha
Boat on River
Scenic Hills @Tawang
Tawang-where sky meets the land
The Harvest
Herd of Nilgai @ Buxar
Boats on a row @Ganga River Buxar
Mother’s Care
It was the roaring 70’s  with that tiny machine in my hand,I was considered popular among my circle of friends.

In 1981,I got a Germany make #Voiglander camera as a gift from my Bro in law .I was extremely happy to click with that camera and it was quite handy and a heavy one though small .
In college days,I was quite popular among friend circle as a click master . I got another #Minolta camera and results were excellent never hesitate to try my hands on big and heavy Video cameras of Sony make.In 1986 or so, I got My first SLR #Practika as a gift from my same bro in law as a gift who got it for me from Holland and those days no DSLR were there.That was an awesome SLR with a telephoto lens & a telezoom flash.

I bought my first DSLR Nikon D3200 in 2012, and it was an awesome experience with 18-105 Nikor lens . With that,I got great wide angle nature shots in particular .Again I got a DSLR Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm & 70-300mm Nikor lens.Really amazing shots I could get with a Nikor 70-300mm lens and the journey is still be honest just got a new Tokina 11-20mm Japan lens very recently and every one says its just awesome hardy lens for wide angle Landscape Photography.

My shots are dedicated to all Amateur Photographers across the globe .

Bison the Macho
The Strings
River View@ Sundarban Delta
Bangles of Lac being hand made and show cased @Ranchi
indian Koel(Female)
Mistery Look
Beautiful Silk Route
Basically being a Banker by profession and holding a responsible post of Asst General Manager to be honest I was not getting enough time to go for new clicks from nature or wildlife.An idea clicked in my mind why not to start Blogging on my own clicks instead…..

I Dedicated my first Blog to all Photographers….





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I am with “Ranjeeta Nath Ghai” a published author and a blogger . I am very much sure it will take you to #NextGenBlogging & to make your Weekends more meaningful.

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Here is a good news as we have come up with a new idea to enjoy Weekends in a more creative way……


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  That was a Sunday evening….            

                                                        “SILHOUETTE SHOT”

The Sun was about to set and I was little late in approaching the Corridor on the Hill Top at “Rock garden” in Ranchi a man made beautiful destination.If you have ever been to Ranchi the Capital of Jharkhand state in India 🇮🇳 I am sure you have definitely visited this unique crafted garden by cutting the real rocks with perfect architecturally designed #landscapping keeping the #realRocks intact.

A person holding a #Camera in hand can never be a real photographer unless he/she has a inner passion to create a frame from anything coming across , of course I am talking about Sunset/Landscape photography.

I dedicate this snap to my Blogger/Writer friend: Ranjeeta for writing a Poem on this unique Sunset shot.


Author : CreativeSiba

•The Himalayas• day#2 ~Dzuluk~

“The Himalayas”Day#2 •Zuluk•

As per the itinerary we were ready by 7.30am.The sky was cloudy & the driver was yet to come to pickup .However after loading all luggages we finally started for “Zuluk“at around 9 am from “Kushyem” home stay saying a good by to the Hostess.We finally reached “Rongli” after passing through scenic hills by 10am for making necessary passes for “Zuluk

At “Rongli Taxi stand” a lot of tourists were waiting for passes for different tourist destinations within Sikkim and it took almost one hour to get clearance for “Zuluk“.

The entire journey from “Rongli to Zuluk” was full of scenic natural beauties.

As if an artist has drawn it with his brush dipped in “different colours of paint“.The hills around made a different feel and though the sky was over cast but it was worth getting down and click a picture for a lasting memory.At last we reached “Zuluk” at around 2 pm . Zuluk  was so beautiful 😍 unless one sees one can’t imagine it’s true scenic beauty.

A group picture from the roof top where we got the home stay accommodations .
Tin Roof Houses” 🏡gives a different look .It is still a virgin place not much explored and there are no “Hotels”yet but only “Stay Home”🏡 arrangements here.

The entire place was full of scenic beauties and every one were happy posing before my Camera.

At around 8.00am on day#3, we started for “Baba Mandir” & “Nathang Valley and on the way to “Nathang Valley” came across “The Silk Route“.

it’s an “old trading route connecting India ,Tibet,China & Central Asia.It’s always been a “dream shot” for every Photographer.

Beautiful landscape filled with snow on the way to “Baba Mandir“.

View ofKanchenjunga” Top was awesome in a crystal clear weather .Unless one sees it in his/her own eyes 👀one can’t imagine its scenic beauty in a clear Sunshine ☀️ day.

A herd of Yak being taken for grazing to still higher altitude by its owner came across our way.

Its a Beautiful click fromNathang Valley” snow clad mountains.

Front view of “Baba Mandir“….

The legend says…

a soldier named “Baba Harbhajan Singh” during his posting at “Indo-Tibet Boarder“was lost (and yet not found) may be due to avalanche or something like that but soldiers of Indian Army still find his unseen presence “guarding Indo-China boarder” & it’s really so strange.

One of my *Best Shots*of “Kanchenjunga” Top from “Kupup Valey“.
We reached the beautiful “Elephant Lake” at “Tukla Valley” a lake at an altitude of about 14000ft from mean sea level.Every hill and Planes was full of snow and it was just awesome.

Click from Nathang Valley –snow clad mountains .

We reached the beautiful “Elephant Lake” at “Tukla Valley” a lake at an altitude of about 14000 ft from mean sea level.I can say it’s name being Elephant Lake is worth because of it’s shape.

This is the “Munna Stay Home” where we spent 2 nights which was inclusive of all amenities including food 🥘.We returned for lunch at Home Stay by 2.30 pm and spent the evening with camp fire 🔥 and a lot of merry making. In the evening.

I would rather confess with my own words….

it is one of my “Best” •Views of Himalayas• ever done from any other place on the entire Himalayan range.

“Package Tour”of 3 nights & 4 days covering one night at “Kushyem” & 2 nights at “Zuluk” is most ideal for people with their busy lifestyle.”Zuluk” is quite well approachable (hardly being 150 km away from Siliguri)in West Bengal.

How to reach there : One can book such trips with many combinations of places to stay through local travel & tours at Siliguri and all these informations are available these days on internet. Reaching Siliguri from any parts of India is easy through rail road or by air(Bagdogra Airport).

My special thanks to:-

Mr Santosh Kumar Mishra & Mr Goutam Bhaduri along with their families from (Siliguri) and my Brother-in-law Mr Devisankar Jena and his familiy for the necessary arrangements and company which made this journey a “memorable one”.

Thanks for stopping by & I will be really happy if you get little more interactive by giving your comments.

Author: CreativeSiba

Inspired by HiJiBiJi

My Blogger Friend Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

Day#1 •Kushyem• “The Himalayas”

It’s a beautiful “hamlet” in the heart ❤️ of Nature.

Home stay @ 12,Dhura PO Munsong Kaman Kalingpong WB

Nature is in abundance here…

We started from Siliguri by the vehicle 🚗 as organised by our Tour Operator and it took around 4 hours to cover about 80 km journey on hills through Kalingpong in WB.
The “Homestay arrangements” at “Kushyem”is awesome scenic with wooden huts along with all the amenities.This is the scenic view with hills all around and there are greenaties all around

A nice “Tea House”adds to the beauty of the place surrounded by hills and greenery all around.Morning Time filled with fresh air and serenity around.

It was view at Sunset Time.

It’s a selfie 🤳 with the house lady whom I am thankful for the hospitality she has shown and I will suggest every one ☝🏾 to explore the awesome home stay here at Kushyem. 

Next morning we started for Zuluk in Sikkim…

How to reach there:

One can book such trips with many combinations of places to stay through local travel & tours at Siliguri and all these in formations are available these days on internet. Reaching Siliguri from any parts of India is easy through rail road or by air(Bagdogra Airport).

To be continued…

Author: CreativeSiba

Sunset Photography 🌄 redefined in my own way.

“Sunset photography”not necessarily require a perfect camera But it needs a Perfect vision what to click and when to click. Truely a subject of interest for not only photography but a lot to learn how light plays a vital role in getting  Perfect Sunset photograph .

I will rather name it “Boats in a row” and yes it’s a combo of Sunset photography with boats being highlighted.Taken on River Ganga at Buxar in Bihar India 🇮🇳.

Since childhood, I was very much keen in handling cameras of those days and used to play with light and shadow.I have tried here to discuss to the extant possible through my own clicks from different  parts of India and taken over years.

This I clicked at Ranchi (Rock garden)

Sunset is always a subject matter of timing of clicking the shot because it’s not in our hand at least .Proper timing of the shot is a must and since we get ample time to shoot,we can go for manual settings with higher ISO settings as compared to daylight photography.

i took this click on River Ganga at Buxar in Bihar and it was not just  a Sunset photography ,rather it was a silhouette photography taken from another Boat 🚣.This picture I clicked on River itself from another boat and I highlighted on boats with Sun rays against Camera .its a click from Chandrabhaga sea beach near Konark Temple in Puri Odisha.I was returning from Konark Temple on the way to Puri and suddenly the setting Sun and the Rays reflected on the water on the beach 🌊 attracted me to stop and shoot.

I remember the exact location  ,I was returning from Bokaro in Jharkhand and it was just right time to stop and catch the glares of setting Sun .

Again it’s not just setting Sun rather I choose a sailing ⛵️ boat to be highlighted against Sun rays reflecting on River bed.I clicked it from another boat at Buxar on River Ganga .

Again not to conclude, I was lucky that day on “Rock garden“in “Ranchi“and while going to the Terrace on Hill Top from where the view of the Lake beneath is always so scenic, I was though late that day but was lucky enough to get this beautiful scene (Silhoutte) of people standing against setting Sun ☀️ on the back ground .
Nature is the most Beautiful in any form you look at it….

A real creative photographer will never need a formal training even .Just an ordinary camera can do wonders if you have a creative insight.

I am personally thankful to District Magistrate of Buxar Sri Vinod Singh Gunjiyal for his inspiration I am can never forget in my life .