Landscape Photography Patratu Dam

•••Patratu Dam•••

I have always found Nature & Landscapes a best combination for Photography.

Those days I was posted at Ranchi in Jharkhand(India) a state rich with it’s Natural Heritage and Virgin Natural beauty.

I always enjoyed my weekends with wife on photo-rides of course on my Bullet & thank God she loves Nature the same way as I.It’s a click from Patratu Dam near Ranchi.


Hindi Film Review…HUNTERRR (A)

Again a nice movie on NETFLIX that I watched last night really provoked me to write this review.It’s an Adult one….so be careful while watching with family.

After a long time I liked a Movie full of reality the way some people take their Life in real….Tom Boy/Vashu a type of Men who never settle or believe in family making rather keep on taking chances with new faces like affairs with married ladies/girls.

The beauty of the film is the CINEMATOGRAPHY which is unique with time to time flashback…going back to the back days of MANDAR the name of the hero.

Ultimately MANDAR comes across a girl TRIPTI who was just out from a BREAK-UP with a guy with whom she spent two long years but his poor attitude broke her Heart.
The Hero ultimately decides to CONFESS every thing to his Faience TRIPTI because of a good friend of him before the marriage and END up with a nice understanding as both MANDAR & TRIPTI accepts each other.

The Starring of the movie although new but the Story and Cinematography along with the Back ground score 🎼 is really excellent.

I would rate 4.5/5 if I am given a chance.


I love Classical dance…ODISSI

ODISSI Dance….unique to Odisha INDIA

That was in the year 2016 Annual day function at “Kendriya Vidyalaya” Balasore in Odisha and I was accompanying my Niece a class 4 student who was to give a solo song performance along with some academic excellence prizes to be received by her on that function .

This shot of young school girls performing the World 🌎 famous ODISHI DANCE amazed me .

I dedicate this classic shot to all dance 💃 lovers and photographer’s who love ❤️ traditional Dance Cultures.


QuotesbySiba#6 Thy name is WOMAN

Daughters are a Boon a Gift a Treasure from The Almighty….You are Lucky You have a Daughter.

Women have many faces…..

She is a Daughter….

She is a Sister….
She is a Wife…
She is a Lover….

After all She is a Mother & a WOMAN…

Let’s respect her Dignity in any form because she is a Gift from God….

Daughters are God’s best gift & you are blessed you have a daughter.


Street Photography….The Hawker

"Street Photography….The Hawker"

They are the one who have a right to LIVE a DECENT life…

They choose the most busy places and streets are their domain where they get their major chunk of clienteles  to sell off the items they carry to earn a handsome amount for a living.

Every day is a New Day with Newer Challenges.

As a street photographer I always care to take a glimpse of such sights to work on my projects.I took this shot at Puri sea beach in Odisha during my visit in 2015.This man was carrying a lot of colorful hand bags with a smiley face to pamper buyers.

I respect every such work which we as humans carry out for living a decent life .

I have every respect for these Hawkers who roam around cities streets and places of crowd across the world 🌎for a living.

"They have a right to living"



Street PhotoStory#1 (B R E A K-U P)

After a long time I was waiting on the banks of river Ganga at “Bandha ghat” the (ferry ghat) with every hope to get a shot at least a bit different to think upon & write a story on it.



It doesn’t need a dreamer to dream a story on my shots…..

You just need to see and close your eyes 👀 to feel the story from my shot.

I wish no Blogger friend of mine should ever come across this two word-combo…..BREAK-UP

in his/her LIFE.



Street Photography….Sawan Festival

Sawan (Shravana) is the month of celebrating life  connecting with "The Divinity".


As per Hindu Dharma the month of Sawan (Rainy Season) has a great significance as most of the Hindus from Northern India quit non-veg foods and on Monday's take water from rivers in most & pour the Holy water on Sib Ling.For that the Devotees travel long distances on bare foot to reach Sib Temple to pour water.

These clicks I took at Bandha Ghat (Ferry Ghat) on the banks of river Ganga(Hoogly) on a morning photo-trip.


Women after taking Holy dip in river Ganga worship Sun God with offering of Water.

It's celebration of Control on mind and body to connect to the Supreme Soul.

I dedicate all these shots to Street Photography lovers across the Globe.



Thought of the Day….*You are a born Leader*

If I say it’s your day ! How would you feel ?

Be sure you are in no way less than any dynamic leader of your own arena Leadership is always an in-born instinct though it can be inculcated to a great extent provided you mould your own thought process and start taking & owning responsibilities in day-to-day life.

“Be in fine-tune mode because the world 🌎may take a twist & turn without NOTICE”.


The Hope……

The Hope…..Only Prayer can save a Life

If you ask me “hey what are you doing right now ?

I would say ” I am right now waiting inside “Apollo Gleneagles Hospital” Kolkata where my Father-in-law is in ICU fighting for his life due to multiple ailments.

I wish my moments should be designed in such a way…at least I can be happy 😊 I spent it the right way.

I have seen people suffering from multiple diseases during my life……To be honest every one ☝🏾 of us will feel the same if got a chance to visit any “Intensive care unit”in any “Hospital” & see “PEOPLE SUFFERING”like anything with nothing else but a mere HOPE….for L I F E.

Let’s pray……

Let’s pray for their well being……

Let’s pray They “GET WELL SOON”…….

Let’s “H O P E……GOD is there by OUR SIDE in the time of DISTRESS”.

Life itself is a vast “CANVAS”and you are the “PAINTER”to paint on it.


*Let’s take a voyage deep in to the Nature*

•••The Nature•••

I have always observed “nature as the most sacred a feeling devoid of all short-comings of human civilization”.

  • I am not sure 🤔 how far my readers 👨‍🏫 will agree with me.
  • But I am quite sure if all of us start thinking of how to conserve our “Nature & It’s Creations”.
  • I am sure though we are in verge of *Global Warming* but still we can preserve our “Nature” or
  • At least defer the process.

Let’s pledge to consider Nature as the Greatest Gift 🎁 for Human Civilization

My slogan