QuotesbySiba#6 Thy name is WOMAN

Daughters are a Boon a Gift a Treasure from The Almighty….You are Lucky You have a Daughter.

Women have many faces…..

She is a Daughter….

She is a Sister….
She is a Wife…
She is a Lover….

After all She is a Mother & a WOMAN…

Let’s respect her Dignity in any form because she is a Gift from God….

Daughters are God’s best gift & you are blessed you have a daughter.


MyQuotes#6 Every day a New Day

I was there at Chilapata National Forest range situated near Hasimara in WB India during Winter 2016.

These Ladies a Tribe native to Indo-Bhutan boarder area mostly dependent on Forests for their bread & butter came across my way while I was passing through the deep forest area on a Jungle safari . They were so much shy to face my camera for which I had to stop my Jeep 🚙 at a distance to click this shot of Ladies with bunch of Fire wood on head crossing the road.

My Quote….

We begin our day with a new hope because every new day is a new beginning.


MyQuotes#5 Life is a CANVAS

Life is a CANVAS and you have to fill it with COLOURS of your CHOICE

Sometimes words flow like water flowing down from a Stream.

I love ❤️ to think and re-think on LIFE many a times I find tranquillity in my LIFE.

LIFE is a BEAUTY….Let’s take the NECTAR out of it.



Thought of the Day….*You are a born Leader*

If I say it’s your day ! How would you feel ?

Be sure you are in no way less than any dynamic leader of your own arena Leadership is always an in-born instinct though it can be inculcated to a great extent provided you mould your own thought process and start taking & owning responsibilities in day-to-day life.

“Be in fine-tune mode because the world 🌎may take a twist & turn without NOTICE”.


MyQuotes#3 “Love can & Hatred can’t”

Love ❤️ can Conquer a Million Hearts ♥️ & Hatred can’t…..

Time has come we all have to practise… 

#Tolerance & #Acceptance to situations and people as they are because the whole World 🌎 is getting #Intolerant day by day…..

Never forget…..“L O V E” can do…Wonders

& Love ❤️ only preaches Tolerance“.

 Words from Heart……



QUOTE of THE DAY…..by CreativeSiba

~House Sparrow~

I had been to shoot some river-shots at Bandhaghat on Hooghly river in HOWRAH W.B but returned with some cute shots of #HouseSparrow & atlast ended up with a nice #Quote on it…..




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Happiness is Your’s Always

Happiness is such a Domain for which I won’t pay a penny….do you ?

May I know what are your last wishes that made you happy…..and how long was it ?

To be honest” Happiness” as I know and as I have been preached since my childhood by none other than my Mom is

“Nobody’s Domain….It’s Mine and mine only”.

If you remember your own “childhood”….I can once more plunge you in to your very own cheerful days perhaps which you have forgotten…….

and I am sure you will recollect “it was  a mere “Doll” if you were agirl or a “Toy Car” if you were a boy….to keep you happy and amused may be the whole day….

Have you noticed how a kid eats an ice cream….totally engrossed with it’s taste and flavour.Keeps on licking and licking….It reminds all of us how we all were “Happy and Playful” once upon a time….which is a mere past now, because with ageing we all add up so many wants…….to keep us amused the way it is not supposed to be.

No material things from this Earth can give you eternal Happiness because …as every object has a life so do the happiness associated with it.

I will say…..

“Learn to be happy ….just be happy for nothing…..the way a beggar sleeps underneath a tree on a scorching HOT SUMMER DAY….He has nothing to lose…nothing to gain”.



where net gain is ZERO but you are still happy because you are happy for just NOTHING… You are happy because through your day to day deeds you have made so many people around you to wear a smile on their lips.


Keep on adding smile to Lips of as many as possible”



Quotes#1 “चाटुकार से निंदक भला”

Quotes#1 ” चाटुकार से निंदक अच्छा “

                     ••चिराग़ों तले अंधकार••


पढ़ के तो देखें….क्या पता अच्छा भी लग सकता हे ना 😜

कभी चिराग़ों तले की अंधकार को देखे हो ?

नामुमकिन हे क्य ?


जिंदेगी की सफ़र में….कुछ लोग वैसे भी मिलते हैं !!!!!

 जो केवल ही केवल हमारे साथ तबतक निभाते….हैं जबतक वो अंधकार उजाले में ना बदल जाए !

ए मेरे दोस्त….मेरे हमसफ़र ये ख़ूब याद रखना “अपने चाटु कार से देखा जाए तो अपने निंदक को ज़िन्दगी में ज़्यादा अहमियत देना…….

क्यूँ की……

“वही तो हे असली सफ़ाई वाला जो तुमारे अंधकार को मिटा त। हे”


“क्या कहना…..बस लिख डाला मन की बात अपने पंक्तिओ मे”