Street Photography….The Hawker

"Street Photography….The Hawker"

They are the one who have a right to LIVE a DECENT life…

They choose the most busy places and streets are their domain where they get their major chunk of clienteles  to sell off the items they carry to earn a handsome amount for a living.

Every day is a New Day with Newer Challenges.

As a street photographer I always care to take a glimpse of such sights to work on my projects.I took this shot at Puri sea beach in Odisha during my visit in 2015.This man was carrying a lot of colorful hand bags with a smiley face to pamper buyers.

I respect every such work which we as humans carry out for living a decent life .

I have every respect for these Hawkers who roam around cities streets and places of crowd across the world 🌎for a living.

"They have a right to living"



She is (a) D I V A…Beauty Unblemished

She is a DIVA…..Beauty Unblemished


She is my sister & my friend’s wife……
She has a unblemished beauty I will always love ❤️to portray….

“No weathering can ever touch her Viral Beauty”

I clicked this pose an the banks of Teesta river in Siliguri.

She is the DIVA

The Queen of her King who is my friend cum bro.



Portrait Photography • The Sadhu

   ……The Sadhu…...

Almost every one wishes a scantily clad woman to pose for a snap(portrait)…to the contrary I always try to portray  "DIFFERENT SUBJECTS".

……..The Sadhu…….

The Sadhu in the "PORTRAIT" is there in the Temple at "DALMA RESERVE FOREST" "Hill Top Kali Temple"

since ages and he wont even remember when he came there . I had a long interaction with him during my trip in Nov2015 when I was posted at Ranchi in Jharkhand and he served us Tea & snacks . Even there is no mobile network facility at that height & it is totally cut off from the rest of the world.I could feel the "SERENITY & TRANQUILITY" of that place even though I was there for a few hours.

Dalma Forest is home to many elephants and they usually feed on the leaves in the deep forest and some times come down to the nearby planes adjoing to JAMSHEDPUR (TATA STEEL PLANT) , the STEEL CITY of Jharkhand.A lot of tourists visit Dalma Forests mostly during winter vacation.

I dedicate this Portrait shot to Portrait Photography lovers across The Globe.

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P O R T R A I T….Shhhhh

~Portrait Photography~

I have a very bad habit of carrying my DSLR Camera Nikon D5300 with a few lens most of the time I go out for anything & anywhere.

It’s a shot I clicked at Ranchi ijn Jhrakhand on a Sunday while I was there at the local vegetable market(Hinu) for weekly shopping of fresh vegetables and this man a vendor with his typical dress code allured me to click this shot and of course I instructed him the pose.

To be honest…It’s a beautiful world but you need to have an eye to see the BEAUTY

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Portrait Photography ~The Monk~

I was wandering on Puri Beach during Rath Yatra and it was around mid of July 2012.This shot of the *Sadhu* *The Monk* suddenly caught my attention to click a few shots.

I always believe in my inner intuition my *Best Guru* to design shots for me to make them stand apart.

Sometimes the camera is not that important if you know what to click & show.

I dedicate this shot to all Street Photographers and lovers of Photography.

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The “P O R T R A I T”

Here is the one….Baby Model

She is the cutee whom I met at “Queen Victoria Memorial Garden” and she was there being in a photoshoot session.

I took this shot of the cutee with her due permission and it’s one ☝🏾 of my best shots.

Dedicated to all Beauty Lovers and Portrait Photographers.


The Monk…a Portrait

…..The Monk…..


That was the year 2015 at Puri and beacuse of “Nabakalebara Rath Yatra” a lot of Monks (Sanyashis) from all over India were gathered to see Lord Jagannath along with Balabhadra & Subhadra on their Chariots.

I classify it as Street Photography and it’s a real vast subject in photography.


The Diva….”SIMPLICITY in LOOKS” makes Her Unique

My Neighbourhood GIRL….


Although I forget her name even…..but she was my in my neighbourhood….sorry I was residing in her neighbourhood  as a tenant because of my posting in that small district HQ town Buxar in Bihar(India) for about 4 years.

You can see the SPARKLE in HER EYES….and an INNOCENT SMILE ON HER LIPS 👄, I am sure she must be by this time groomed  have herself in to a “PRETTY SWEET LOOKING” College girl.The beauty in her attire was her “BRUNETTE HAIR  with “SHARP FEATURES and the stark “CRYSTAL CLEAR EYE BOLLS” always made a contrast. I used to photo-shoot her many a times with different STREETS in the back-grounds.


“BEAUTY is a BEAUTY…..& It never requires much make-up to look 👀 BEAUTIFUL”.

I dedicate this shot to all PORTRAIT/STREET/BEAUTY Photographers.


Diva… #DeshiLook

Beauty is an “EXPRESSION”….The Schoo Girl

Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder…..Yes it is TRUE……..

If you have beautiful eyes 👀 I am sure the World 🌎 will look beautiful from any angle.She is a cute girl ready with a smile on her lips 👄 no less than *Leonardo Da Vinci’s* “MONALISA“.Check the smile on her lips……”INVINCIBLE“.

I clicked this picture of a pretty girl from my neighborhood.

No glossy touch & No make-but JUST PURE SMILE makes her looks “stunning pretty under the Sun”


she is as pure as “molten gold”.

Let’s cherish beauty in any form because the whole world 🌎 is 😍Beautiful.

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Diva….The Country Girl in #Mehndi

“Every body en-cashes on too much of puffed beauty with lots of make-up and all the designer 👩‍🎨 costumes”

But I have tried to en-cash on photo-shooting of country girls & in particular from my hometown during vacation/holidaying at Balasore.

She was that day with #Mehndi on her palms/hands as she was getting ready for the evening marriage party of one of her family member’s and to be honest her #Mehndi a typical #DesiType really caught my attention and fascinated me for taking this shot.

“My Blogger friends and readers 👨‍🏫 are always my best judge”.

I would thank you for stopping by….

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