Birds are winged to Fly

….Leaf Bird….

It's a Crimson Beauty……..



They are the winged creations of God…who can ignite an onlooker's passion for bird-watching & there are a lot of people who not only love birds but do a lot to conserve them.

It's a click I took at "Chilapata Jungle Camp" where I stayed for two nights and three days during Jan1016 on a "Wildlife Trip" . Chilapata Forest is quite near to "Bhutan Boarder" but it's in West BengalIndia and just near to "Hashimara Military Base".

The stay there was awesome with chirping sounds of varieties of birds when I used to come out of my Forest Rest House early in the morning to watch these flying winged creatures in search of Necter from flower to flower.

"Unless we all try to preserve our Mother Nature that day is not too far-off when these birds will be only found in books and internet for our progeny".

Let's pledgeto save Nature,Animals & Birds to feel the blessings of Nature in many forms.

Dedicated to all Nature Lovers across the Globe 🌎.

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Bird Photography Episode#6

Leaf Bird

They are the winged creations of God who can ignite an onlooker’s passion for bird-watching & we have a vast population who not only love birds but do a lot to conserve them.

Leaf Birds are very common to certain topographies in India.It’s a click I took at “Chilapata Jungle Camp” where we stayed for two nights and three days during Jan1016 on a Jungle Trip . Chilapata Forests are quite near to “Bhutan boarder” but it’s in West Bengal near “Hashimara military base”.

The stay there was awesome with chirping sounds of varieties of birds when we used to come out of our Forest Rest House early in the morning.

“Unless we all try to preserve our Mother Nature that day is not too far-off when these birds will be only found in books and internet for our progeny”.

Let’s all take a pledge to save Nature,Animals & Birds to feel the blessings of Nature in many forms.

Dedicated to all Nature Lovers across the Globe 🌎.

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~House Sparrow~

I had been to shoot some river-shots at Bandhaghat on Hooghly river in HOWRAH W.B but returned with some cute shots of #HouseSparrow & atlast ended up with a nice #Quote on it…..




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Bird Photography#4

C U C K O O…….Photography

The Cuckoo : 

It’s a female Cuckoo I clicked on my backyard and it was followed by a male Cuckoo so I could reach so near to it.

This was the male Cuckoo in mating mood chasing after the female one.

The same female Cuckoo in a different pose….

All birds are beautiful winged ones from our #FaunaKingdom.

*Let’s try to save all birds….else one day spotting a Cuckoo will be just a day dream*



Bird Photography~Indian Roller

It’s one of the most commonly seen colourful Indian Roller…I remember exactly the spot even where I clicked this bird shot at Buxar in Bihar.

I am sure this dancing 💃 Indian Roller picture is most uncommon.

Why not Let’s all pledge….

To make this world 🌎 a safe Heaven for our Winged Creatures….The Birds.


*Purple Sunbird*~Bird Photography

Theme:Bird Photography

The Birds are always my most favorite shots but to be honest most of the times my Nikor 70-300mm lens is not fair enough to click these winged creatures.

Your colour allures me anytime i look at you.You the one with wings to fly to the height of your choice.I admire your beauty because you deserve it❤️.If You ask me when and where I took this beautiful shot ? I still remember the exact spot where i took this shot.

Let us save #Birds and save our #Planet🌎

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Wildlife Photography 🐾



~Wildlife Photography is a vast subject~


Spotted deers at Betla Wild life in district Palamu Jharkhand India
Royal Bengal Tiger @Oromanjhi National Park


Macho Bison encountered @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand

It is a really vivid subject.I was very much keen to take shots of Wild Animals and Birds in their natural captivity since I was too young . I strongly believe that whatever we wish from from core of our heart God is always there to fulfill our wishes.

Spotted deer 🦌 @Betla National Park

I once again thank my luck in my professional career,by virtue of which, I could get many chances to see varieties Of Wildlife Sanctiaries across India.

Spotting an Indian Gaur in such a Pose , as if giving Portrait shot 😜@Betla Tiger 🐯 Reserve Forest 🌳
Fighting Blackbucks a rare shot@Buxar in Bihar
Bisons in pose shot taken @Betla National Forest in Jhatkhand
Fighting Bison @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand
(ROYAL STAG) The Golden Spotted Deer(male) @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand
Wild Elephant crossing the road well protecting a small baby @Chilapata Forest Range in West Bengal


A herd of Nilgai (Blue Bull) near Buxar resting under a tree during Tough Summer days.

These clicks, I have compiled from my shots taken during my postings at Siliguri in West Bangal, Buxar in Bihar,Daltonganj & Ranchi  in Jharkhand ,Bhitarakanika & Kuldiha in Odishamany more places I have visited as a tourist with my I wife and her Brother.

Royal Stag @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand

My Wife and her Brother are always my co-travellers as well my inspiration for which I am quite thankful to both of them for giving me a meaningful company in all my “Wildlife Photography Trips”.

A Giant Nilgai on the open field @Buxar in Bihar
Baby Monkey in pose @Betla National Forest in Jharkhand
Golden spotted deer @Sunderbans Forest West Bengal
A herd of Nilgai( Blue Bull) resting in open field @Buxar in Bihar
Golden Spotted Deer @Kuldiha Forest in Odisha
Clicked this shot of Robin @Betla Tiger Reserve Forest 🌳
Getting a glimpse of Spotted Deers 🦌duo is a rare shot in such a Pose @Betla Tiger 🐯 Reserve Forest 🌳

I dedicate all my photographs to Wildlife photographers(amateurs as well as professionals) across The Globe.

I am quite sure each and every photographs will leave behind a story…


In the Loving Memories with Rocky…our first African Grey Parrot


May be for most of the people it will be an odd affair to see a man writing a Blog in the memories of an African Grey Parrot.But,…I am sure if ou hear the story how Me and my Wife after so many long years of thorough mending of mind could decide to keep a Grey Parrot.


It was in the year 2011 and we finally decided to go for adopting a Grey parrot.We bought it from Kolkata through a known vendor and the moment it reached our home …those days we were staying at Buxar, a small district HQ town in Bihar we were extreme happy to name him “Rocky”.

Though he stayed with us just for four years  but his personality still haunts both of us… he was very choosy in his food habits and he was extreme shy to new people around.

It was in June last 2015 , we were returning from our native town and Rocky was quite safe at our Ranchi Home. To our utter dismay the care taker man surprised us by saying that He was unmindful and Rocky was no more.The circumstance only GOD know.How a bird can vanish away…………

In the Loving Memories of ROCKY…our first African Grey Parrot.Today in 2015 we lost RICKY.



~My journey🚶🏽from “Photography” 2 “Blogging”~ 

My journey of photography started when I was too young to hold a camera 📷 Even . I still remember my first camera  was an #Agfa #Isoly2 which I took in my school days in 1970’s.

Abstract Photography
Indian National Bird
Giant squirrel @Kuldiha Forests Odisha
Boat on River
Scenic Hills @Tawang
Tawang-where sky meets the land
The Harvest
Herd of Nilgai @ Buxar
Boats on a row @Ganga River Buxar
Mother’s Care
It was the roaring 70’s  with that tiny machine in my hand,I was considered popular among my circle of friends.

In 1981,I got a Germany make #Voiglander camera as a gift from my Bro in law .I was extremely happy to click with that camera and it was quite handy and a heavy one though small .
In college days,I was quite popular among friend circle as a click master . I got another #Minolta camera and results were excellent never hesitate to try my hands on big and heavy Video cameras of Sony make.In 1986 or so, I got My first SLR #Practika as a gift from my same bro in law as a gift who got it for me from Holland and those days no DSLR were there.That was an awesome SLR with a telephoto lens & a telezoom flash.

I bought my first DSLR Nikon D3200 in 2012, and it was an awesome experience with 18-105 Nikor lens . With that,I got great wide angle nature shots in particular .Again I got a DSLR Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm & 70-300mm Nikor lens.Really amazing shots I could get with a Nikor 70-300mm lens and the journey is still be honest just got a new Tokina 11-20mm Japan lens very recently and every one says its just awesome hardy lens for wide angle Landscape Photography.

My shots are dedicated to all Amateur Photographers across the globe .

Bison the Macho
The Strings
River View@ Sundarban Delta
Bangles of Lac being hand made and show cased @Ranchi
indian Koel(Female)
Mistery Look
Beautiful Silk Route
Basically being a Banker by profession and holding a responsible post of Asst General Manager to be honest I was not getting enough time to go for new clicks from nature or wildlife.An idea clicked in my mind why not to start Blogging on my own clicks instead…..

I Dedicated my first Blog to all Photographers….




“Chilapata” Ultimate Forest 🌳 destination 👍

Chilapata near Hasimara in WB India a most beautiful destination for Nature lovers , birders as well .

Chirping birds… I am sure will wake you up….
If you are lucky 🍀 you have a fair chance to get such a glimpse of a Baby 👶 elephant with its parents .

The Colurful watch Towes will add to your photography euphoria .

Sunbirds are in plenty inside the Jungle camp to be watched from close .

Wild flowers 🌺 will steal your heart ❤️ if you are a nature lover…I am damn sure !
Clicking a Portrait in the winter morning mist is a delight !

Leaf Birds are in quite plenty sucking nectur from blooming wild flowers 🌺.
One of my #Best landscape frame I have got there with River & Trees 🌲 in the inset 

These are clicks from Chilapata Forest 🌳 Jungle camp ….Watching birds is a ritual there…

That was Jan2016 around 23rd , me and my wife both by choice are Nature lovers started for Siliguri in WB and it was pre planned with all necessary vehicle 🚗 and cottage booking at Chilapata .From there we started for Jungle camp accommodation in an Innova and the journey started with lots of scenic ups and downs till we reached Hasimara,a place very near to Bhutan 🇧🇹 boarder.

From there it was only 10 km journey within the deep forests 🌳 of Chilapata range with tall trees 🌲 and shrubs on both sides of road.

There were a good number of beautiful and quite colourful watch towers on the way for animal lovers & watchers.The accommodation at “Chilapata Jungle Camp”was one of the best and quite awesome with all flavours of Bengali dishes rich in Fish delights and cottages were around to stay in.The river side is awesome scenic as if “Nature dwells in it’s serenity”.

There are plenty varieties of colourful  Birds taking nectar out of flowers is awesome to watch.Even Wild Flowers make the entire place so scenic .

With every hope to see wild elephants we took a morning trip from Chilapata jungle camp to Hasimara and while returning We were really lucky to see two adult elephants 🐘perhaps parents of the small baby elephant inbetween them standing on the road side to cross the road . I stopped the vehicle at a safe distance and took these two shots and I will say,it’s till date the best shot of Wild Elephants 🐘 with a baby that I took.

It is quite well connected from Siliguri the nearest city of West Bengal in India .Most ideal time is Winter season to enjoy the greeenary of Deep forests 🌳 and being so near to Hasimara and Exotic Bhutan 🇧🇹.

I will suggest 3 nights would be most ideal to explore the flora and fauna with a river near by.Since there are very limited accommodation to be booked in advance.Chilapata Jungle camp is a most favoured destination with so many huts well surrounded by plants and a lot of boards are a frequent visitors all day long .

I am sure the Camp fire 🔥 will ignite the lost Passion 😉 .

Being a vivid explorer of travel destinations would rank 9 out of 10 for Chilapata Forest 🌳 destination .

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