Flower shot…Hibiscus

Hibiscus 🌺 Rosachinensis….common but beautiful.

The beauty of flower I have enjoyed through out my life & to be honest I have never plucked any flower or otherwise.

The color and texture makes this flower shot so gorgeous.

Dedicated to all Photographer hers as well as Flower lovers.

Next to women flowers are the most beautiful thing ever created by God.


Flowers are next to Women…both emit BEAUTY to please the onlookers


After women Flowers are the most beautiful things God has gifted us.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders…..Impressions remain for ever.




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Flowers are just Awesome through my Lens

I would love ❤️ to share a flower shot that I clicked at Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) in one of my client's factory premises and it's a "Pink Allamandas"it's name.

This whole world 🌎 itself is a garden of flowers and as onlookers we just need eyes 👀to see the beauty it spreads when in bloom.

Dedicated to all Nature lovers & Flower lovers


Birds are winged to Fly

….Leaf Bird….

It's a Crimson Beauty……..



They are the winged creations of God…who can ignite an onlooker's passion for bird-watching & there are a lot of people who not only love birds but do a lot to conserve them.

It's a click I took at "Chilapata Jungle Camp" where I stayed for two nights and three days during Jan1016 on a "Wildlife Trip" . Chilapata Forest is quite near to "Bhutan Boarder" but it's in West BengalIndia and just near to "Hashimara Military Base".

The stay there was awesome with chirping sounds of varieties of birds when I used to come out of my Forest Rest House early in the morning to watch these flying winged creatures in search of Necter from flower to flower.

"Unless we all try to preserve our Mother Nature that day is not too far-off when these birds will be only found in books and internet for our progeny".

Let's pledgeto save Nature,Animals & Birds to feel the blessings of Nature in many forms.

Dedicated to all Nature Lovers across the Globe 🌎.

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Flower Photography-Theme#White

“Next to Women Flowers are the Best creations of God”

I will be happy to see this Planet 🌎 of our’s is all bloom with Flowers of different colours and fragrance.

It’s a click of flower named “Gandharaj” that I clicked from my land lord’s garden in Buxar.It’s a flower with a beautiful smell.

I just love ❤️ it’s colour.

I just love ❤️ it’s fragrance.

I just love ❤️ it because it’s a flower.

This •Gandharaj• flower is called “The King of Aroma”

Dedicated to all Flower 🌺 Lovers.

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Red Rose#1

If You can bear the #Thorns the #Rose is always Your’s….

It happens every where as each one of us & I repeat almost each of us just wish the brighter side of life & love ❤️ forgetting the #darker side and even there is Full Moon 🌕/ New Moon 🌑 in Nature’s cycle.

“Flowers are the most beautiful things next to Women ever created by God”

A Red Rose for your visual delights & I am sure it will ignite the #girly instinct in every #women.


Floral Beauty…..🌺

It does’t require much technique to click a beautiful flower….because every flower in itself is a Beauty….

I was wandering in my backyard and suddenly this hibiscus flowers on a bushy plant on the poolside attracted me and I am sure it will attract you too.




Flower 🌺 Photography~#1

Theme : Flower 🌺 Photography

•Elegant is always Simple•

*Nature*is always abundant with it’s *Beauty variants*….We have to choose our own choice of Vision…….

Dedicated to all Flower lovers……

Let’s save #Nature for our sake to see this #Planet of Our’s a #Glory among #Cosmos…..


Quotes#2 *The Solitary Flower*


Let our life #Bloom like this #SolitaryFlower……..


“Together we can but Individually we need to Bloom”


  • Let’s make this *World 🌎 Garden of Flowers*look more beautiful with it’s colours and vibrations .
  • Let only Love ❤️ be allowed to exist leaving aside hatred and let us feel *THE EXISTENCE*.
  • Even a *Solitary Flower* fascinates us by spreading Love ❤️ it’s colourful petals.




~मन की बातें~




Sometimes a SOLITARY can fillup the GAP in our LIFE…..

Have you ever noticed around your own surroundings……You will find plenty of such gifts from nature to fill you to the fullest.

It is our own perception how we look at things………the way we make our own thouhts…..the World 🌎 looks like that only.

I am sure next time you will try the way I have tried to look at you😜…..

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