~My Own Emotions just put to Words~

My Own Feelings put to Words…

Every Husband & Wife are in Love 😍…close your Eyes πŸ‘€ and think TWICE.

I am a man , a self styled King of my own kingdom with all beautiful people around me.It’s my perception of a Beautiful society where misery of mind-sets is not a co-existance and all people are thoughtful if they plung in to their EMOTIONS.


Β May be it’s my BASIC INSTINCT and it’s the answer of many Q that quite often generate in the back-door of my mind.

To be honest I got an old un-answered Q which comes to my mind quite often while flipping through pages of a book written by none other than “PAULO COELHO”the famous author of one of the #bestsellers “ADULTERY”.

Now i am sure “Perhaps the deep love of my wife…..makes her feelings so jealous of me….being so possessive makes her mend me in the way she wants to…..”the #best being” she is in love with”.

I once more bow my head behind her back…..
And She should not forget “I equally love her”andΒ Life has it’s own glamour to showcase……

Let’s love ❀️ and respect “MARRIAGE”not for the sake of just making the other one’s happy but….to keep our own being deeply content…because LOVE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD.

Like CHARITY BEGINS at 🏑 HOME……Love too should co-exist in every deed we do to make a MARRIAGE succesful.

I feel it so STRONGLY and I may say “each one of us should rather respect our OWN THOUGHTS & EMOTIONS because they are just our own”.


Neighbour’s ENVY but OWNER’s pride……thats Hubby

a beautiful line from “Paulo Coelho”


My words…Desires are endless….let’s respect our own EMOTIONS.



15 thoughts on “~My Own Emotions just put to Words~

      1. My eyes are closed and I am thinking. Let me just share some of the thoughts that have come as I think. The way I see some couples living is worrisome. I ask myself what brought them together. They might have loved themselves when they got married but they do nothing to nurture the love in marriage and so it begins to go down the drain until it hits a rock. I think marriage does not succeed by itself. Every couple has to work and work very hard on a daily basis to keep it going successfully. The moment you do nothing but say ‘she/he is there for me and ought to know I love her/him, the marriage starts to go down.

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