~Abstract Photography….defined in my Way~

For most of the viewers it is just a meaningless piece of “WORK” but….for a few it’s an “ART”.

In My opinion Abstract Photography is –

To click differently is Abstract photography…It’s clicker’s passion but viewer’s choice in understanding the theme/story behind the click.

“it’s a typical type of photography of object (non-life mostly) which only a few can visualise & understand but most of the viewers won’t understand the photographer’s angle of taking the shot”.


Porcelain Kettle on a Restaurant’s Show case

Lady playing Guiter strings quite uncommon with typical Bangles

Lac Bangles being hand made and shown for selling purpose

It was a winter evening & captured this shot of CFL light at a badminton court.

Light Lamps hanging from roof inside a hotel Lobby

Lac bangles handmade and displayed for sale

Nothing but my own iPhone


Even I have seen in my own life as a photographer and photo lover


 “not even all photographer can dare to click an Abstract shot only the photographers who are creative can think of taking such shots”.


Friends I exactly remember the year 2012 & I was travelling on a local train early in the morning and the train compartment was almost empty , there I dared to click my first shot of this kind(Abstract shot).

The experiment never ends for a creative thinker & photographer.

I will suggest, we should try our hands on whatever object we come across that catches our imagination & dream and try to put it in to a rosy picture.

I dedicate this Blog to all who love to do Abstract Photography and photo lovers across The Globe.





  1. Bhaiya bejan tasveer me aapke dwara likhi gayi batae usme Jan dal deti hai. Aap likhte bahut hi achcha hai sath me photographi ka kya kahna

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