A Pilgrimage

Mind blowing & the words on my click of Dakhineswar Temple is just awesome.


16832063_1830147087234339_6025612506437213613_nBy: Ranjeeta Nath Ghai

A mark of cultural identity,
Illuminated Heritage buildings;
A place that confers spiritual wisdom
Freeing you from horrors of the deep
And terrors of the skies;
A perfect place for a man
To spend his days in silence
Enjoying harmless joys of solitude
With a guiltless heart, free
From all dishonest deeds
And thoughts of vanity.
Breeze carrying the aromatic scents
From the incense sticks
To cleanse the confined air; and
A soul freed from it’s bodily robes.
A place of quiet, breaking into occasional
Rhapsodies; towing a spiritual line,
*Aarti: marking the onset of dawn and dusk
Promoting meditation and the study of astronomy.
In this tech-savvy age the birthdays of the deity
are traditionally and lavishly celebrated.

Beyond hatred and tears
Is a twinkle of a lamp
Glimmering through the darkness
Like some ancient star.
The crown of glory scorning all the cares

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      1. By the way thanks for visiting my blog Sibaji.
        I could not know how you felt about my posts.
        Your name Siba is it a short name for some bigger one or is a joint venture, hahaha, I mean, two names make one. If it is an independent name I wouldn’t understand the meaning. Please explain only if you really want to.
        I am deeply humbled to have come across YOU dear friend.
        Fond Regards

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