“Pihu” my African Grey Parrot 🐣…..love ❤️You

19 thoughts on ““Pihu” my African Grey Parrot 🐣…..love ❤️You”

      1. Yes its true
        Day before yday
        I left home 🏡 for a trip and i told Pihu all this & i am sure he understood me as he bowed his head to make me scratch his head as i do all the time.Wife was telling He shouts Mitu Mitu during day but as wife responds him he doesnt give his usual kissing sound which pihu gives me alone only.
        Its great 👍


  1. Yes Grey Parrots being most intelligent as pets go to depressions like we human beings if not attended and cared.We read a lot about caring Grey parrots before adopting Pihu.


      1. Mental disorder??? That’s interesting to know. Pets definitely need our love and attention. If we can’t treat them as family then we should better not keep them.

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    1. I couldn’t share so many videos of Pihu the naughty boy because WordPress won’t allow to upload videos . We are luckier than Pihu to get such a life time Naughty boy ❤️


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