HappyValentine Day 2017 πŸ’•


Love ❀️ is in the Air….

It was a spring time afternoon and as usual in hunt of a nice shot I was wandering inside Victorial Memorial Hall garden in Kolkata ,otherwise known as “City of Joy”.sometimes young hearts πŸ’• are here and there with hand in hand and that’s the uniqueness of this Spring time Victoria.

I was really filled with Love ❀️ to see this pair πŸ‘«in their teens sitting on the poolside and enjoying the moment .Love 😍 has no caste & no creed.It just happens at first sight.There is a famous saying “Everything is fair in Love ❀️ & War 🏹.

🌹Love and Friendship are the two best Relationships in the world,

There is a cute love in Friendship,

And there is a beautiful Friendship in Love !!

Never miss both.

Happy Valentines Day..🌹

Dedicated to All lovers across the Globe & my Best wishes to All the Lovers ❀️
Author:Sibananda Bhanja

Cell/Whatsapp +917044070801


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